Improving Your Eye Health

Three Food Choices to Help Prevent Cataracts

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Eye care is important, and this is particularly true as you age. Optometry Australia confirms that cataracts are commonly a result of ageing and are often seen in people over 65. Reducing your eye exposure to ultraviolet light is one way to reduce your chance of cataracts growing. However, making healthier food choices can play a part in keeping your eyes healthy. As someone who is concerned about their eye health, consider these three food changes you can make to lower your odds of needing cataract surgery in the future. Read More»

Understanding The Causes Of Photophobia

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Photophobia is simply defined as experiencing eye discomfort or pain when exposed to natural or artificial bright light. Mild cases of photophobia can cause you to squint when you move from a dull light environment into a bright environment, while severe photophobia can make it impossible for you to be in any brightly lit environment without experiencing significant eye pain. Photophobia can be caused by several underlying health issues, and while some of these are relatively harmless, others need prompt medical attention. Read More»